Jay Norberg


Jay worked at A & S Drugs for years before taking over the company he knew and loved in 2010. He makes it his mission to offer the best pharmacy care and service, with a caring, personal touch. Responsible for the day-to-day operation and running of the company, Jay has nearly three decades of pharmacy experience and a Bachelor of Science Degree. Jay is CPR and immunization certified, as well as being a diabetic shoe fitter. He ensures A and S Drugs maintains its quality reputation within the community.

A way from work Jay enjoys spending time with his family and is an active member of the community through Cornerstone Free church and a member of the Pipestone Forward Development Committee and Social Media Breakfast – Pipestone group.


Nellie Berkenpas

Staff Pharmacist

Nellie helps patients treat health issues by ensuring they are using the right medicines in a safe way. She also provides quality information and advice on health and medications to patients and the wider community, helping fill prescriptions and communicating with other healthcare professionals about individual patients. As well as administering influenza and other shots, Nellie assists with mobility support for diabetics and performs blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. Along with her Doctorate of Pharmacy, she is also CPR Certified and holds a certificate in Immunization.

When not at the pharmacy, Nellie is out on her acreage, tending to her garden and yard, or arranging the occasional grill out for family and friends.


Virginia Jensen

Pharmacy Technician

Virginia helps customers at the pharmacy counter where she processes and fills prescriptions and deals with their over-the-counter and general enquiries. She is also involved in the film processing side of the business and makes customers' lives easier with her expert gift wrapping skills too. Virginia is a certified Pharmacy Technician and focused on delivering personable and helpful pharmacy services.

Away from the pharmacy counter, Virginia enjoys baking and crafts, and lives on a farm raising Boer goats. She is also a 4-H leader for the Trosky Peppy Pebbles Club.


Sandra Norberg

Bookkeeper, Gift purchasing

Sandra is one of the favorite members of the A and S Drugs team as she looks after the payroll! Working behind the scenes, Sandra ensures the smooth running of the office, and is in charge of gift purchasing too. Sandra is a great communicator and has a Teaching License for K-12 Speech Pathology, as well as several years pharmacy experience.

Outside of her office, Sandra enjoys travel, eating out, shopping and swimming, as well as quality family time.


Pat Gillin

Sales, Gift Buyer, Retail Merchandising

Pat makes sure that customers can easily find what they are looking for when they visit A and S Drugs, with her visual presentation of products in the store. With a Degree in Fashion Merchandising, Pat has a real eye for how to best showcase the pharmacy. She specializes in display design and coordination and brings to her role nearly 20 years of experience too.

Pat keeps up her creative talents away from the pharmacy and enjoys gardening, quilting and decorating, as well as quality time with her grandson.